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TMC Internal Projects:
Major Projects, Systems Design, Product Design

SN-1054 (Studio Network 1054) is the "skunkworks" arm of The Montibon Company that is focused on major projects and internal design projects. All SN-1054 projects address real-world challenges that can be mitigated or eliminated through reimagined systems design and/or exceptional product design. A collaborative studio operation, the objective of Studio Network 1054 is to develop solutions to problems that have yet to be adequately resolved and spin-off new global brands developed by regional and international creative collaboration.

Current projects include the prevention of damage from natural disasters and enabling rapid natural disaster recovery; new systems for regional food distribution that enhance healthy food availability and equity; public/private mentoring and educational opportunities; eco-heritage- and agri-tourism that celebrates indigenous cultures and traditions; designs that enhance quality of life for those aging-in-place; measurably superior high-end audio furniture; and professional workstation design.

Past projects include the Las Vegas Senior Life Community. Initial funds were raised from local small investors to commission a national, detailed market study. A multi-member LLC, was organized, an umbrella LLC was negotiated, county tax abatement was negotiated along with property annexation from the County to the City, as well as water taps from the City. A developer, plus lead and local architects and landscape architects were brought onboard. An amazing property was identified (and an option negotiated) that enabled a design consisting of single-story casitas each with it's own private courtyard, arranged around a huge park-like setting (with multiple ponds, 75' trees, an orchard, a greehouse, an astronomy zone, walking paths, a small outdoor amphitheatre for music and performances, all easy to access, but not on a noisy highway). It was a complex forward-looking project that incorporated leading-edge design thinking including, fiber optic broadband, telemedicine, automated fall detection, modular kitchen designs, distress alarm systems, along with several programs for elders to mentor local middle school and high school students. The operation would also be a place where local nursing students could do their clinicals and feed into a high-quality talent pool.

The project was done in coordination with the City, the County, the State Economic Development Department, Department of Health, Department of Aging and Long Term Services, the Public Education Department, the Department of Higher Education, and the local State University and Two Community Colleges. $20 million in financing was arranged in cooperation with a bond broker, an EB-5 consultant and two non-profit housing organizations. A top-tier healthcare management company was identified and contracts negotiated. Ground was not broken, but the project may be revived with a slightly different structure when conditions permit.

Other past projects include the purchase and renovation of three historic buildings (circa 1865, 1893 and 1914) and successful efforts to stabilize and preserve a fourth historic building for eventual sale. All four buildings have been brought back to life, now housing businesses that serve the community.

Studio Network 1054 is inspired by the spectacular Supernova 1054, (SN 1054), that was observed over northern skies on July 4, 1054. This stunning astronomical event (seen as either a frightening portent or the sign of good tidings) in our home galaxy was recorded by observers in China, Japan, Europe, the Middle East and in Anasazi pictographs found in Northern New Mexico (Penasco Blanco, Chaco Culture National Historical Park). SN 1054 was easily visible to the naked eye for 642 days.

The remnants of the massive stellular explosion (the brightest in recorded human history) is catalogued as the first Messier object, M1, and is commonly referred to the Crab Nebula. The remaining core of the now devastated star collapsed into a pulsar (PSR BO531+21), a rapidly spinning neutron star, 12 miles in diameter with a rotational period of 33 milliseconds. Before the explosion, it was a moderately large star, 8 to 12 times the mass of our sun. It arcs through interstellar space 6,500 light years from our solar system and the material ejected from the explosion continues to expand at over 700 miles per second. SN 1054 is now a source of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.

In addition to the supernova, 1054 was a pivotal year in human history. What was happening around the world in 1054? (From Wikipedia and Encyclopaedia Britannica):
  • The Normans, led by Duke William the Bastard defeat the French army near Mortemer. King Henry I of France withdraws from Normandy.

  • Siward, Earl of Northumbria invades Scotland.

  • Pope Leo IX sends Cardinal Humbert of Silva Candida to Constantinople. Humbert breaks relations between the Eastern and Western Churches, initiating the East-West Schism via mutual excommunications, leading to the modern day Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches. These excommunications were not lifted until 1965, lasting nearly a millennium (911 years).

  • Sultan Tughril leads his Seljuk Turkish army out of Azerbaijan into Armenia. He sacks the fortress city of Artchesh after an 8-day siege. 966 years later, this enmity between the Turks and Armenians has woven its way through the Ottoman Empire and still exists today.
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SN 1054: The Crab Nebula
SN 1054: The Crab Nebula
Photography: Hubble Telescope, NASA.

Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor, pointing up at the new star, SN 1054
Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor, pointing up at the new star, SN 1054
Photography: Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg.

Las Vegas Senior Life Community $590K Capital Campaign Brochure
Brochure for Las Vegas Senior Life Community: $590K Seed Capital Campaign
Project Director: Roy Montibon