About The Montibon Company: Masthead

A B O U T   T H E   M O N T I B O N   C O M P A N Y

The Montibon Company is a strategic brand-marketing consultancy and design agency that operates at the intersection of world-class design, imaging and leading-edge technology. TMC and Montibon Design Agency were founded to provide unique and seriously innovative solutions for clients.

The concept of The Montibon Company, as envisioned in the mind of founder Roy Montibon was born in 1974, but was not fully realized until years later. Roy became an entrepreneur when he started custom painting Harleys and hot rods as a teenager. After graduating from high-school early, Roy started his first apparel design business in Hollywood, California while in college. Then, Roy founded a digital media consultancy and design firm in Irvine / Costa Mesa / Newport Beach, California.

TMC has incorporated the most advanced optical and digital technology into its work since the beginning, developing logos, marketing campaigns and custom imagery for corporate clients; animation, motion graphics and digital retouching for film and television; and high-tech precision imaging for medical and scientific industries.

TMC has worked with clients and creative/technical teams across the US and around the world, assembling the best talent, executing complex projects and providing effective brand-enhancing solutions.


Roy Montibon
Strategic Consulting + Creative Direction

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Julie Ford
Project Management + Art Direction

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The Montibon Company and Montibon Design Agency assembles Consulting, Creative and Development Teams specifically for your projects and needs. These teams consists of top talent in a variety of areas: asset mapping, market research, urban planning, architecture, economic development, graphic design, illustration, photography, video production, animation, 3D modeling, web design and coding, app development, database development, QA, SEO, social media, music, audio and copywriting. Team members for your projects work from every corner of the US, across four time zones, from Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, to Denver and Boston. Our elite teams work remotely under the direction of Roy and Julie.

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Masthead Left: American Indian Warrior
Photograph, Roy Montibon
Masthead Right: Aztec Dancer
Photograph, Roy Montibon