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The positive transformation of languishing communities is key to our collective future. This cannot be achieved by merely "importing" outside consultants, planning templates and development projects. Local involvement in every aspect of the transformation is crucial to long-term economic sustainability and growth.

Our approach to sustainable development based identifying and empowering local talent, supporting grassroots initiatives and providing the resources to launch creative locally-driven entrepreneurial ventures. The emphasis is on education, training and mentoring, coupled with resource development and marketing strategy.

By nurturing a new generation of young artist, artisans, creative professionals and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, a region can mitigate brain- and talent-drain while protecting and preserving unique regional attributes, traditions and cultures.

Boards and Community Activity

New Mexico
Roy is a founding member of SPACE: Special Projects in Arts, Culture and Education. SPACE is a New Mexico-based independent community arts network.

Roy recently served as Chair of the New Mexico Arts & Cultural District | Las Vegas Steering Committee. He was instrumental in drafting the new Las Vegas Cultural Plan and the Arts & Cultural District boundaries and Master Plan Ordinance. He was also selected by the Mayor to serve on the Steering Committee for the new City of Las Vegas Downtown Master Plan. His partner, Julie Tumblety serves on the Mayor's Commission on Film.

In 2007, Roy drafted the SPACE | Las Vegas (Strategic Plan for an Arts & Culture Environment), a grassroots community initiative, with a group of over 21 advisors.

The SPACE document was used as the backbone of an application for an Arts & Cultural District Designation from the State of New Mexico. The application was selected, and the designation was awarded by Lt. Governor Diane Denish and three Cabinet Secretaries. The selection committee included the New Mexico MainStreet / Economic Development Department; Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA); New Mexico Arts Division (DCA); New Mexico Tourism Department; New Mexico Museum Foundation; McCune Foundation; and New Mexico Arts Commission.

During his time as Chair of ACD | LV, Roy initiated the Second Saturday Artwalk, which he directed for a consecutive 25 months, which grew to involve over 130 artists and businesses during the high season; produced the first Traditional Hispanic Arts Show at his gallery Royal Mastodon Society with Cruz Flores and Lawrence Quintana; and concieved and co-designed a user-driven interactive community website to promote the talents and events of local artists and businesses. This site was co-designed and developed by ACD Coordinator Adam Caldwell.

Roy and Julie hosted numerous community art exhibitions and events at their gallery, Royal Mastodon Society, including New Mexico Highlands University graduate shows and the first graffiti show in the region.

Downtown Los Angeles
While living in Downtown Los Angeles, Roy was elected to the Center City Redevelopment Project Area Committee for the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles (CRA/LA). CRA/LA currently oversees $342.2 million of CRA/LA investment plus $6.8 billion from other sources for pubic improvement projects including urban parks, affordable and mixed use housing, commercial, retail and industrial development and other revitalization projects. As a representative of the Center City area (including the Arts District, the Fashion District, Skid Row and the LAPD Central Division), Roy's mission was to balance the many conflicting interests of developers, arts and educational institutions, homeless advocates, property owners, local residential hotel and loft residents, the LA Conservancy, the City of Los Angeles, local TIFs, BIDs, the ACLU, and the LAPD.

He has also served on the board of LA Freewaves, a media arts organization that hosts the largest independent international media arts festival in the U.S.; and Roy has served as the Mission Statement Ad Hoc Committee Chair for the Arts, Aesthetics and Culture Committee and was an alternate Arts/Culture/Education Representative for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council.

Roy has hosted two AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) studio tours of the Old Bank District in Downtown LA. Roy was the founder and producer the Old Bank District Artwalk in Historic Downtown for its first four years ("A new tradition" according to Los Angeles Magazine).

Roy and Julie hosted numerous community art exhibitions and events at their live/work studio and gallery, Studio 808, including San Fernando building group shows for the Old Bank District Artwalk and community holiday shows.

Fine Art
Roy is a practiciing contemporary artist, whose work takes the form of installations and projects that range freely across the worlds of science, technology, fine art and business. His conceptual focus is on the disruptions that have changed the course of human history, and will change it going forward, as well as the mythic, memetic and spacial sources of culture; its development, evolution and fragmentation; the subsequent rise and dissemination of discrete and recombinant micro-cultures; and their role of micro-cultures in forming identity and modulating perception.

He is also a mixed-media visual artist with an interest in the world view of indegenous cultures and the role of movement in their design activities, gestures and customs, including music, dance, trade, architecture and nomadism. This work often has a basis in photography, but Roy explores the limits of photography as a process for image making.

Exhibitions and installations include: The SIGGRAPH Conference Art Show; The Long Beach Museum of Art, Video Annex; "Dark Tapestries" installation with composer Paul Haslinger at Brandstater Gallery, La Sierra University; The University of Oregon Museum of Art; Bowers Museum; Modern Museum of Art; LA Printmakers Society Show; The Old Bank District Group Show; The Farmer's and Merchant's Bank Centennial Art Exhibit; and multiple shows at Sanctuary Studios and Royal Mastodon Society.

Pro Bono Work
Roy has contributed time and expertise to pro bono projects for The Museum of Contemporary Art (for the Streb/Ringside Dance Company of New York), Mozart Camerata, Opera Pacific and The Orange County Performing Arts Center.

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Vexing Messages Grafitti Show at Royal Mastodon Society
Vexing Messages Grafitti Show at Royal Mastodon Society.
Poster for the Original Vision Symposium at UC Irvine featuring keynote speaker Brian Eno
Poster for the Original Vision Symposium at UC Irvine
Syposium Producer and Director: Roy Montibon. Keynote speaker: musician and record producer Brian Eno. Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Selma Holo, USC, Dept. of Fine Art. Design: Creel Morrell.
Roy & Julie at Shawna Wangseng's Graduate Show hosted by Royal Mastodon Society
Julie at Shawna Wangseng's Graduate show
Roy and Julie have hosted a number of NMHU Graduate exhitibions at Royal Mastodon Society.
Brochure for Future Style Symposium at UC Irvine featuring keynote speaker Ray Bradbury
Mailer for the Future Style Symposium at UC Irvine
Syposium Producer and Director: Roy Montibon. Keynote speaker: author Ray Bradbury.
Design: Byron Jacobs. Digital Imagery: Roy Montibon
Joshua Woodlee Exhibition at Royal Mastodon Society
Joshua Woodlee Exhibition at Royal Mastodon Society.
Roy at the New Mexico State Arts & Cultural District Award Ceremony
New Mexico State Arts & Cultural District Award Ceremony.