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Patti B

Patti B is a hell of a singer, lyricist and one smart lady. Some performers are given a key to the city - Patti earned a Phi Beta Kappa key at UCLA with a degree in Theoretical Mathematics.

The throaty entertainer delivers a song with a voice as sexy as velvet and as gentle as silk with a professionalism shared by Garland, London and Gorme.

Patti B lived the old lyric on the road again for over ten years. She sang her way across the country with The Girlfriends, was half of Berman and Buscher, and delivered song and sensuality with three brothers in The Closer Thais. Patti B moved from city to town, hotel to hotel, garnering wide welcomes from local club owners, audiences and critics.

When not on stage, Patti is deeply involved in writing lyrics. As evidenced in her current CD, her writing style evokes haunting visual images and universal emotional memories.

Patti B does what she loves doing; she's a saloon singer who reaches the contemporary audience in club dates backed by musicians that other musicians drop by to hear. Her new CD title reflects her feelings about her music, its FOREVER.


For several years Patti has spent getaway time traveling in Greece. There she heard two melodies by the Greek song writer Antonis Kandasakis which inspired her to the lyrics for "When There are Star Above Me" and "Forever".

The talented composer, musician Bobby Rodriguez created original music for a proposed television pilot. One weekend, when Patti read the script (which was written by friends) and heard the music, she didnít say too much. But a few days later, she shared her vocal vision of their project. The pilot was never shot, but the cut on her new album is a personal success for all of them. Patti B's powerful, unforgettable "A Man Alone" is as haunting as the classic Laura.

After interviewing numerous arrangers and recording studios, Patti elected to work with Tim Horrigan. It was a perfect match. As a producer, arranger and engineer, Tim was a perfectionist. As a composer and lyricist, Tim was a kindred spirit. Patti created lyrics to three pieces of Timís music for the FOREVER CD: "A Dance with You", "This Time", and "You're Out There". She also performs two additional pieces by Tim: "Shelter From the Night" and "You Were Mine".

Forever is a romantic album, filled with strong music and strong lyrics, performed by a powerful artist. Patti B is a singer whose voice can be heard in the upper balcony but whispers to the lover in each of us. The selections are memories we all share when we loved and laughed, when we loved from afar and when we watched love walk away. It reminds us that love is still out there, FOREVER.

Patti B
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